Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Korean Raspberry Wine

Korean Raspberry Wine, Bokbunjajoo.
Vintage, region and producer unknown.

First in a series of experiments with the local produce. A fruit wine made from raspberries and I don't know what else. I picked this up in the local 'Green Mart' for about 5000 won I think. I bought it as the bottle was quite attractive.

When you pour this the first thing you notice is how deep a red it is. No rim when you tilt the glass, this is an intense ruby red. It looks like fruit juice.
Give it a sniff and you are not presented with too much, it doesn't seem to give off much of a smell at all. What you do get is sweet raspberry (amazing eh?), sweets(candy) and floor cleaner. I am not sure where the floor cleaner came from, it reminded me of the school corridors after they had been cleaned or maybe a disinfected bathroom after a childhood illness. Not such a pleasant smell regardless.

I was really expecting this to be super sweet on the palate but if anything it was off-dry or even dry. To be sure it was fruity but not nearly the sugary mess I was expecting. That is not to say it was good however. It is fairly low in acidity and fairly high in alcohol, 15% no less, and you feel the burn at the back of the neck. It tastes, again predictably, of raspberries but unfortunately comes with a real unpleasant bitterness. It is almost as though the seeds have been crushed with the fruit during fermenting in an effort to get structure as provided by tannins in a red wine. It doesn't work and you are left with a really unpleasant aftertaste in the mouth.

I tried mixing it with Chilsun Cider, a type of lemonade, and this worked ok I suppose. It made a light fruity alco-pop although saying that it did make me feel a little bit ill after. So, on admitting what a lightweight I am we really all can look forward to the soju post.

Anyone wanting Galleria info, there are 2 nice wine shops there, 1 in the gourmet food section and one downstairs in the East section. When I have pictures I will post up or even do a mega-wine-shop-in-Seoul post. I didn't buy Champagne.


Big Bliss said...

I would also assume this rendered your missis broken for the duration of the next day

Anonymous said...

I order this exact bottleat the sushi bar everytime I go...its awesome. I think the bitterness was a little over exagerated.

Anonymous said...

bitter? This shit is delicious - I think this guy must've had a shit bottle or drank it after he'd been on the Soju.

rothkowitz said...

Drink it chilled....and don't me such a wuss, shandyman.

Anonymous said...

I love this wine.

Anonymous said...

this wine is fabulous!!!! a gift fm korean biz associate.
i let it chilled and add some ice on it, simply heavenly when u drink it 2mins later. when i first opened it, the smell was very good.

Stephen said...

Oh! I tried this raspberry wine, the taste is very impressive. It is very suitable for ladies. I love this wine.

Anonymous said...

I totally agree with your observations, especially the floor cleaner smell and the bitterness aftertaste. I drank my bottle at room temperature, so I guess if you chill it, it'll probably taste much better.

Sharon said...

I just had this wine for the first time at a Korean Bar b que Restaurant. It was delicious. I wish I could fine it in a wine shop.