Sunday, March 04, 2007

Camp Viejo Rioja

Campo Viejo Crianza Rioja 2001
17000 won from Lotte Department Store Jamsil.
Was in the sale and I can't remember the pre-sale price. Quite excited by a Crianza Rioja at this price.

An admission. I rather enjoyed this wine. So much so that I decided to buy another bottle. Which meant I didn't need to do a tasting note. Unfortunately they had sold out and so now I only have memories.
This is a blend of Tempranillo, Garnacha(Grenache) and Mazuelo(Carignan) a pretty typical Rioja blend. The Mazuleo offers acidity to balance the Tempranillo.
Crianza refers to the ageing of the wine. For Rioja this means at least 12 months in oak cask. At 17,000 this represents pretty good value here in Korea, perhaps why they were all out.

Riojas can be extremely full bodied yet soft wines, this was certainly very soft but was leaning more to medium bodied. It had really soft tanins and a pretty velvety mouth feel. Nose and palate gave off the typical Tempranillo strawberry. For me, on the nose, it was very much tinned strawberries and this was no bad thing.

It was easy drinking and thanks to the soft tanins had no need for food, hence us knocking it back and hoping for another bottle. I am not sure if they will be getting more in, especially at this price, but if you do see it for less than 20,000 then I would definitely recommend grabbing a bottle.

The good news is I was so gutted about not picking up a second bottle I picked up a Gran Reserva Rioja from 1995 for 40,000. As soon as it is opened I will update. I have high hopes as 95 was apparently a good vintage.

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