Thursday, March 01, 2007

Sileni Sauvignon Blanc

Sileni Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc
New Zealand 2006
23000 from Lotte Department Store, Jamsil

Beautifully bright, pale lemon-green sauvignon blanc.

Typical Marlborough SB nose, intense, fruity herbaceous kick in the face. This is a really grassy one with a more gooseberry than tropical fruit nose.

Palate again is very typical. Pretty intense, initial citrus lemon kick with rapid follow through of the nose. Grassy and tart gooseberry. This is a real mouth waterer and is the sort of wine you want to be drinking with the sun on your face, the sea near by and a plate of spankingly fresh seafood in front of you.
It is a good Marlborough SB and you don't find too many of those for this price in Korea. I prefer the Lawsons Dry Hills from E-Mart at 24000 as it has a little more ripe tropical fruit but I can seem me getting through a few of these as the weather improves.
Go buy it!

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