Saturday, March 17, 2007

Gewurtzraminer 'Hugel' 2004

Gewurztraminer 'Hugel' 2004
Alsace, France
39,000 won, Shinsegae Department Store

A brief hiatus from blogging, not drinking, due to getting back into the meat of the day job. Drinking was a necessity blogging a tiring prospect.

To the wine.....

Gewurtztraminer is often described as the Marmite grape, you either love it or hate it. I love it, especially from Alsace with its distinctive bottles and generally good quality wines at all price points.
'Gewurz' is German for spice, an apt name for the instantly recognisable nose of lychee, rose and in this instance pear drops. It really is a heady aroma and this one has the distinctive Turkish delight perfume which can be so unexpected in a dry white wine. As a student of wine, I am currently studying for the WSET diploma, it is the sort of wine you would love to get in a blind tasting so easy is it to recognise from nose alone.
On the palate it is dry, though it had the merest hint of residual sugar, and was relatively low in acidity. It was by no means flabby though and was really well balanced with none of the oiliness that can appear in Gewurztraminer. I really do enjoy the Alsatian Gewurztraminers and the palate of lychee, rose and here orange blossom had a surprisingly long finish, the perfume lingering pleasantly.
Very enjoyable.

At 39,000 it is not a cheap bottle and to be honest I picked it up thinking it was 30,000. Still, a nice mistake.
Shinsegae Dept store had an interesting range and I will certainly be returning.

I intend to post up soon on all the different options for wine buying in Seoul to maybe help people locate the bottle they are after. My first visit to Galleria later where I will mostly be trying to talk myself out of buying Champagne. Update tomorrow..

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