Sunday, March 04, 2007

Campo Viejo Viura Rioja

Campo Viejo Viura
Rioja 2004
14,000 from Lotte Department Store.

This was another consolation prize after the disappointment of not picking up another 17,000 Crianza in the sale(see below). Same producer, same region but this time a white Rioja made with the Viura(also know as Macabeo) grape. It can give white wines of good fruit and acidity. Unfortunately not in this instance.

On giving this a good sniff I was pleasantly surprised to get a good hit of peach. Unfortunately this was followed by an unpleasant backbone of what I eventually pinpointed as rubber and someone else more accurately described as hairspray.
On the palate there is a citrus kick of grapefruit and a subtle follow through of peach but then the chemical warfare. When really cold this was not as pronounced but the wine was lacking the fruit and body to make for an interesting drink. I didn't really like it.
At 14,000 it is an attractive buy and others may be far more forgiving of its shortcomings. Tonight it will be used for cooking. 'nuff said.

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