Thursday, March 01, 2007

Bloody Mary

Sometimes life needs a Bloody Mary. I thought this was going to be spectacular. I really did. I put all my love into it and was only really lacking the celery salt. Really, it wasn't very good.
I am pretty sure it was because the tomato juice was too sweet. I will continue to experiment. I could blame the Worcestershire sauce as well I suppose, Beans meanz Heinz where as Worcestershire sauce means Lee and Perrins.
Oh well, it looks pretty.


ZenKimchi said...

Yeah, the sweet tomato juice'll kill you. I tried that once before only to come to the same dreadful realization.

Fortunately V-8 is starting to pop up in grocery stores.

Gdog said...

That does look awesome. I miss drinking Caesars though. I've added your to my Korea blogroll, btw (hopefully you would like to do the same)! Keep up the posts. ;)

squirrelandgman said...

Woosh. That was quick.
Cheers for looking and adding the both of you.
I will make the perfect Bloody Mary and having had to Wikipedia Caesars will now have to add that to my wish list.
I will be updating pretty regularly I hope. I have a lot of drinking to do.
Time for a vodka tonic that I more than likely won't blog.