Thursday, March 01, 2007

Santa Helena Merlot

Chilean Merlot. 2006 vintage from the Central Valley.
Price is less than 10000 won from local shop. There are plenty of cheap Chilean wines out there. Whether this is directly or indirectly to do with the free trade agreement between Korea and Chile I don't know. It is good news for the consumer however you look at it though. Reasonable wine for less than Man Won(10000) can only be good news.

Ok, it isn't great. It has a nice typical merlot nose, a nice level of fruit you would expect from a young wine like this. Plum and raspberry dominate, ever so slightly jammy with the merest hint of chocolate.
On the palate it is a little rough and ready. It feels a little too thin and although the fruit follows through from the nose it is as though the ripeness has been left and it is all just a bit green.
However, at this price it is difficult to complain.

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