Sunday, November 22, 2009

Return of the Prodigal Blogger

No promises.......

However, I should be updating again soon with news of Christmas drinking.
Absence has been due somewhat to work but largely due to a complete and utter disillusionment with wine in Korea. No excitement or bargains were forthcoming and going into wine shops just led to a feeling of 'seen it all before'.

This feeling has not really changed but Christmas demands cheer and cheer requires alcohol and one cannot toast the birth of baby jesus with Prime Max and London Pride alone.

On the radar is Champagne, Sauternes, Port, a big bastard red, something old world and civilised and a depressingly over priced white Burgundy. Also there is talk of making mulled wine, something which I like the idea of more than I like the reality of.

Possible changes on the blog in the new year with a move away from just wine to more of a Seoul luxury guide. Please bear in mind that I consider a fried egg on toast one of life's greatest luxuries.

Merry November, get your livers in training.