Monday, April 09, 2007

The Stump Jump 2004

The Stump Jump 2004
McLaren Vale, Australia
Riesling, Sauvignon Blanc, Marsanne
16,000 won from Gourmet Food Emporium, Galleria, Apkujong.

Illness(a little) and laziness(a lot) have kept me from blogging.

So to a wine I had a few weeks ago now. Picked this up in Galleria, in the food hall rather than the wine shop and it was a decent price at 16,000. I thought it sounded like an interesting blend(for interesting, read potentially revolting) and figured it would be a good way to test my palate at picking up the various constituents.
It is an attractive, clear and bright lemon green colour with a fairly watery appeal to it.

On the nose I was fairly surprised to get some of the developing qualities of the Riesling, that is, a very faint petrol odour. This is a classic aroma to get from Riesling but is not something I would necessarily expect from an Australian cheapy of this age and price. Shows what I know. Primarily coming through is citrus though backed up by green apples and a pleasant wet stone effect. None of the characteristic Sauvignon Blanc herbaceousness was apparent.

On to the palate and we have a nice light summery drink here. There is a hit of lime followed by a really pleasant grapefruit freshness. The Marsanne makes itself known here with soft stone fruits, more apricot than peach, leaving a rounded feeling in the mouth. Unfortunately it was all backed up with an ever so slightly harsh green apple back bone. Overall this would be a lovely, light summer drink though.

I am drinking the Lawsons Hills Pinot Noir as I write this. A delicious New Zealand Pinot. 29,000 from E Mart. Obviously is not a cheap bottle, Pinot rarely is, but it is well worth the stretch. Soft and well balanced it is bursting with red fruits, cherries, raspberries and a little blueberry. Good stuff and their Sauvignon Blanc, 24,000, again from E Mart, is also the business.

We are getting to that time of year when light wines are what we are after so that will be the focus in the future. Saying that, I am still in the market for a good Barolo. I keep seeing them and it is as though the time has come for me to pop my Barolo cherry. Which would be an excellent pun if cherry was a major characteristic of Barolo. But it isn't.

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