Thursday, April 26, 2007

Sileni Pinot Noir.


Drinking the Sileni Pinot Noir. I like it. Thought I would do a Google to see what else was out there about it. Found this Korean blog.

Google translate offers up a well exotic account of his review. I guess that is why it is in beta.

To the point, can one of the 5 people who read in Korea offer any translation? EDIT! heh. It has just been pointed out that the previous comment looks like I am suggesting Koreans are illiterate. This is not the case. I was merely making a comment on the number of people reading this blog in Korea.
The above link looks like it could be an interesting, and proper Korean, wine blog.

Actual review of the Pinot this weekend. First impressions, refreshing, fruity and summery. Unexpected for a red.

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Big Bliss said...

Uh oh, trouble at 'mill. That boy has maps and loads of writing, and tons of comments. You've only got me, which I'm sure can't be productive. You need to up your game, squirrel boy