Sunday, November 30, 2008

Dalk Galbi Pie

I am not turning into a food blog.

But....above is my previously promised Dalk Galbi pie.

If you have ever had a balti pie at a football match you will know what this is about. Curry is great. Pie is great. Curry pie is great! Same premise. Dalk Galbi is great. Pie is get the picture.

I used a Delia recipe for shortcrust pastry which turned out amazing.
I used the my korean kitchen dalk galbi recipe toned down a bit in terms of spice and without the ddeock. Not because I am some kind of Southern Shandy drinking Nancy....... but because I reckon you don't want a pie to be so hot you can't taste the pastry and chewing rice cake and pastry seemed like it might be a bit odd.

I am no food photographer......

We served it with sesame cabbage and carrots glazed with ginger, honey and soy.

It was great. Worked exactly like I hoped with sweet, spicy, meat and potato and pastry.



Anonymous said...

Did you cook the Daek Galbi at all before putting it in the pie crust?

squirrelandgman said...

Yeah, I cooked it all up first. The sweet potato, carrot and cabbage all still have some bite as it is fairly quick cooking so it was more a case of making sure the chicken was cooked through.

kerja keras adalah energi kita said...

Woooow,..thats make me hungry...
I'm just imagine the food rigth now,...hemmm