Saturday, September 27, 2008

In The City

There's a thousand faces all shining bright.

It has been a long time. Wine in Korea has been through some changes. I have moved in from the sticks and am now firmly entrenched in the middle of consumerist Gangnam. What with finding a new flat, paying for a new flat and furnishing a new flat and the stress of starting a new job there has been very little time for blogging and very little money for wine.

However, the dust has settled, the bank balance has levelled and the current financial climate makes alcohol an absolute necessity.

So, updates will be coming..........

For those of you really feeling the pinch I have news of a Chilean Sauvignon Blanc at Homeplus that is retailing for a scandalous 5000 won. Expectations were low but it honestly is very drinkable. Simple, refreshingly acidic with enough citrus and grapefruit to make it interesting, this is not bad value at all. If you don't expect to be wowed and are happy with a simple refreshing quaffer that won't tickle your gag reflex give it a try. There is a red from the same producer at a similar price that has to be worth investigating.
The good news is that the new job, new flat and a coming birthday means I have the prefect excuse to indulge in some serious Champagne drinking. Financial crisis my arse.

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