Monday, June 02, 2008

Wine Outsells Soju for First Time

!!!!!! This is pretty big news really. I mean, I realise that wine still has a long way to go here and in terms of volume it won't be even close to soju sales. But still! Wine sales in EMart surpass those of soju for the first time.

Things will only get better for them as well as I drop all my hard earned at our new store. The good news is they have a reasonable selection and I am going to work my way through it which means plenty more reviews. This weeks Herald article will be the first of those.


Daniel Gray said...

this is absolutely mind boggling! Will the wine wave continue? By the way, I've been getting amazing deals on Spanish Temparillos these days. It's just not a big seller in Korea, so that makes me quite happy. Oh, and I've gotten amazing discounts if I buy 6 bottles or more. Plus you get cool schwag. great blog.

squirrelandgman said...

I think wine is going to continue growing for sure. Even in the event of a world depression it is hopefuly going to be seen as an affordable luxury and we all need a few of those when we are depressed I think.