Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Budget Wines

Hynudai department store in Coex, and I would imagine everywhere else, are having something of a wine super sale. Really good discounts!
Argento and Alamos wines are down to the 6-8000 mark.
I picked up a mediocre Vins de l'Herault for 7,000won.
It is a reasonableish selection and is definitely worth checking out just to stock up on some cheapish week day wines.

They do have some good stuff as well with Chateau Cantermele and Chateau Talbot with some pretty hefty savings.

We ate at Sujis for the first time as well. It's location in Hyundai is not ideal, it's like the Kebab stall in the Cheonho branch, good to see but put it at street level with some natural light and it would be so much better.
Still, fish and chips served with malt vinegar! Superb. Proper chips and a meaty fish with crisp batter. 16,000w and a bargain at the price. Try finding fish and chips that good in England for the same price.


Big Bliss said...

boredy boredy boredy. I send people here you know. They might commit anger when they see the lack of traffic. You need to pimp yourself lad. boredy as boredy can be

Big Bliss said...

if you ever come back here again....what think you of white merlot?