Sunday, March 09, 2008



Good day yesterday. Started with news of Thatcher and dreams of Ding Dong the witch is dead, mean spirited and possibly bad taste yes but we're not keen on her here, then Utd get dumped out of the cup excellent style by Pompey then Wales win the triple crown and England lose to Scotland and then Barnsley go and flipping beat Chelsea in the cup. Chelsea!!!

So semi finals, Wembley and all that with none of the big four there. We could do it you know. Got a stinking hangover here which is to be expected I suppose. I'll need to get another bottle of Champagne if Tarn carry on like this.

Going to make a goulash for the 5th growth I bought in Hong Kong today. A very civilised way to celebrate a completely uncivilised evening.


Big Bliss said...

I read on a forum about someone having to open the bottle of champagne they were saving for when Thatcher did the decent thing. Ah well, too much to celebrate can't be a bad thing.

Right, hope you can tell what time I'm doing this (12.20pm) Draw is in an hour, cards have been consulted and I need a neutral witness;

Cardiff in semis, we win, WBA in final, we win. Both games will go to ET, and the final will feature 3, either we win 3-2, or 2-1 (ie, 3 goals in total)

Off to Ladbrokes now......

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