Saturday, January 12, 2008

Krug Grand Cuvee

Krug Grand Cuvee NV.
Champagne, France.

Having been upgraded to business class on our Asiana flight to Heathrow Christmas got off to a good start in terms of Champagne consumption. They really do ply you with booze at the front of the plane! The Champagne on-board was Charles Heidseck, one of my favourite cheaper non vintage Champagnes. It is quite a rich, toasty style but has an excellent level of fruit to carry it through. It was much more satisfying than the single can of Cass I had in cattle class coming back.

Christmas 2007 was very much the booze Christmas at my house and one of the highlights for me was the Krug we had on Christmas eve. People talk about Krug a lot, for people in the wine industry it seems to be the favourite of all the Champagnes and I had been itching to try it. However the price is a little out of my reach. A staff discount and generous parents meant that this was my year to try.

It comes in a beautiful box and the bottle itself is very appealing. It is all very decadent. The mousse is very fine, tiny and persistent bubbles in a fairly deep, almost straw coloured wine. The nose is not the most giving of Champagnes I have had, it has delicate yeasty characteristics with a little apple and citrus.

When you take your first drink it is instantly apparent you are drinking a fine, fine Champagne. The first thought I had was elegant. It has very smooth, frothy bubbles with superb acidity and wonderfully balanced body and alcohol. It is supremely easy to drink and had, as my old man put it, "No edges". You get a good burst of fruit that is actually quite red, cherries at the forefront, followed by green fruit and citrus on the mid-palate with a long toasted nut finish.

This really is as good as they say. Drinking it next to another NV Champagne is very unfair and I certainly now have a favourite Champagne. My poor wallet. I am not sure what the best price in Korea is but lets just call it expensive. If you have something to celebrate and are a fan of the fizz I would say it is worth it anyway. What price pleasure eh?

Tuesday should see my first article in the new expat guide section of the Korea Herald. Given that this was meant to be a diary of my drinking I am a little uneasy about it all but also excited. Parker had better watch his back.

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